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   Every new cordless phone I have seen in Wal-Mart, Costco etc has NO EARPHONE JACK!! Most of the older phones had them, WHY WAS THAT FEATURE REMOVED? Instead of a problem with reception, we are dealing with an issue of deception.

    I am using a very cheap, 12 year old phone which still has one.  I refuse to hold a phone, while cooking, painting, gardening, cleaning and especially while preparing this website. I tried an expensive AT&T Blue Tooth enabled cordless phone, from Costco, but IT ONLY PAIRED WITH THE BASE!! I HAD TO SIT WITHIN ABOUT 20 FEET OF THAT BASE TO USE IT!! (I struggled with trying to pair it with a handset for much of an afternoon before I discovered what I consider to be a defect.  The electronics expert at Costco agreed that this was ridiculous, and is now warning customers about the essentially useless product. A salesman at Wal-Mart refused to believe me about the missing jacks, until I demanded he look at the row of Chinese made pieces of crap, on his shelf in the electronics department. He then told me to use the annoying speaker phone feature.
   Exposing your personal business on speaker phone is quite unacceptable. In any case, using a speaker phone is obnoxious to many people on the receiving end.  Imagine a housewife, caring for two small children, while changing a diaper on a third, gets a call from her friend, who starts unexpectedly describing the passionate morning she had with her husband in bed before he left for work. Later, a 6 year old asks he asks "Daddy, what is a Lewinsky?”
   When you buy a product these days, there are certain features that have long been taken for granted. No one expects to have use hand signals in their new car because "Automatic turn signals have suddenly become an option”. When you bring your new 60 inch LEDTV home, imagine discovering that not only is a remote not included but the TV cannot even react to one.
    I was unable to contact AT&T (The automated response said their AT&T Phone WAS NOT IN THEIR DATABASE!) AT&T is my largest stock and I was extremely annoyed at the runaround. I returned the phone. Certainly, NOT a good way to treat customers
  I think all the Chinese companies making these devices, are going to come out with Bluetooth HANDSETS. That way, everyone will now go out and buy new phones, replacing the old, very inconvenient current models. Interestingly, nearly every brand of phone in each store was of similar shape and size. I suspect that they were all made in the same group of factories, which probably were making noodles a few years ago. Take a look, at all those tall, skinny phones the next time you are in a large store. All look pretty much the same.  While my observations and complaints here may seem petty, how many cordless phones are sold each year? My contact at Costco HQ in Utah, told me it is in the millions. We are talking about potentially several billions in profits, if consumers can be made so dissatisfied that they will all go out and replace phones, obsolete on arrival. 
  This looks like a scam to sell tens of millions of new phones once they are all properly Blue Tooth enabled. Perhaps, if enough of us complain to corporate headquarters at major retail outlets and especially, Consumer Reports Magazine (I just did) this can be resolved. Unfortunately, most people do not take the trouble to say anything when they encounter the various even small outrages to which we are subjected on a daily basis. After all, in the past, most people did not even think they should complain about strange or frightening behavior at airports.

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