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I have a simple plan to create large numbers of jobs and actually help revive the economy.

At the time of the Eastern Roman Empire, an enormous border wall was created and the capital of that great civilization was protected for over 850 years. Is not the United States of America capable of the same?

We hear of the huge cost of protecting our borders, the cost of not doing so is many times greater. I propose that we hire 300,000 construction workers (the unemployment rate in that industry is disastrous) to build a double border wall from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. Consider the nearly $4 trillion federal budget, much of which is wasted on bloated entitlements. Massive fraud within the Medicaid and Medicare industry alone is a far larger expense.

  A secure border would be a great investment which would pay off in huge real dividends in reduced crime, and medical and education costs for the current horde illegal invaders. The concrete, steel and related industries would also get a quick infusion of cash. (I have heard that 95% of the murder warrants in Los Angeles County are for illegal aliens!)

The next step is hiring at least 100,000 new border guards. If this sounds excessive, New York City has become one of the safest cities in America because that one city has nearly 45,000 police officers. Guarding our borders is the number one responsibility of the federal government.   Having two or three times as many national border guards, during this time of terrorism and other threats, as New York City has police officers seems reasonable to me.



The United States of America, formerly the greatest country in the history of the world has lost its way. Our founding fathers would be horrified to learn that we are being invaded and conquered by Third World countries while being taxed into economic ruin. The government is failing to meet its most basic responsibilities, while bankrupting the American people and destroying the dollar and our economy. This behavior on the part of our government is nothing short of treason. It is up to the people of the United States in coming elections to force a halt to these ruinous policies.

Eliminating the flood of illegal aliens would force American industries to end their use of cheap labor and automate those dangerous and unpleasant jobs that cannot be reasonably filled with Americans. Most other industrialized countries use automated harvesting machines instead of bend and stoop,backbreaking labor. In Australia for example, four times as many raisin grapes are gathered per acre as in the United States. Australia simply does not have a border with a third world country to provide cheap nearly slave labor.

  Another great benefit: building and maintaining robotic harvesting machines would provide a large number of high skilled, highly paid jobs. Harvesting machines also do not spread salmonella, E Coli and other diseases and do not require healthcare and overburdened schools paid for by the rest of our population.



Finally there is the moral issue: Exploiting illegal immigrant labor is no more honorable than exploiting slave labor. Replacing black slavery with brown slavery will eventually lead to the most dreadful racial and violent consequences. In the long term, cheap labor can turn out to be extremely expensive! How cheap was black slavery? Beyond the Civil War, we are still paying for its evil consequences.

Bringing in millions of hostile, resentful people who have territorial designs on large parts of our country is an act of insanity. If for example, Mexicans could not escape their miserable corrupt negligent government, perhaps they would follow the lead of America in 1776 and have their own democratic revolution. Then they could use their vast talents and great resources in silver and oil to build a stable and prosperous society. After all, 500 years ago Mexicans lived in great cities and left libraries of hundreds of thousands of books (Unfortunately, burned by the same Dominican Order that created the Spanish Inquisition)

  A really secure border could greatly reduce the multibillion dollar drug smuggling north and gun smuggling south that is destroying TWO countries!

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