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It is well-known that lycopene found in great concentrations in ripe tomatoes as well as watermelon and cantaloupes are useful in preventing prostate cancer. Interestingly, the lycopene molecule consists of two halves and, only when it is broken into its separate parts is it really active in preventing cancer. To do that it simply needs to be cooked. In addition lycopene is soluble in oil rather than water. The best way to get lycopene into your body therefore is cooked tomatoes served with one of the healthful oils such as extra virgin olive oil.


I have recently come across an excellent product sold in Costco. Sun-dried tomatoes preserved in olive oil. I am sure they have already been cooked so therefore the lycopene is in the active form. I was also informed that the bottles contain approximately 24 pounds of tomatoes which were dried in order to fit into that bottle. At about seven dollars a bottle, it might seem a bit expensive; however, for 24 pounds of tomatoes I think it is not bad. The bottle depicted above is not exact one. The product sold at Costco is made by the same company, but it is a 2 pound bottle, and looks very similar. (I was not compensated in any way for this article)


Several years ago, I read an article where large doses of lycopene were administered to prostate cancer patients a month before surgery. When the surgery was performed, it was discovered that the cancers were actually retreating back into the prostate. The lycopene in effect was an effective chemotherapy drug and found in tasty tomatoes is probably a lot more pleasant than some of the toxins that are used. For certain, a high dose of tomatoes is unlikely to destroy your bone marrow or make your hair fall out. Anybody reading this article who knows a prostate cancer victim should inform them of this fact. It certainly can’t hurt.


You also should know that the chemotherapy industry is makes in the neighborhood of $20 billion a year. Prevention is not nearly as profitable as cure. Another very useful prostate cancer preventing supplement is selenium. Selenium is the chemical element directly under sulfur in the periodic table. 200 µg per day is the recommended dose and can be found in most health food stores. Since selenium is a chemical element it obviously cannot be patented. Of course neither can the natural substance lycopene. The drug industry would prefer you take toxins after getting cancer rather than substances that will help you avoid it.


One final point, many supplements such as vitamin D, vitamin A and selenium are actually beneficial when taken in proper dosage. Over doing it however it can be very dangerous. People of actually died from eating the livers of polar bears and certain Arctic fish which contain enormous quantities of vitamin D. There is certainly at times too much of a good thing. Even too much water believe it or not, can kill you.

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