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hoa-colorado Before you move into a new neighborhood, make sure that it is not infected with a local so-called "Home Owner Association". Doing this can fend off potential financial misery, stress and harassment These homeowner associations, often unelected and unresponsive cliques are frequently nothing more than sanctimonious parasites, barging into people's lives and often turning into nothing more than a gang of local terrorists. Armed with insane rulebooks filled with petty details, they can issue fines, tell people what colors the drapes can be, what they can grow in the front and even backyards and label anything they do not like as some kind of violation of all kinds of arcane rules. Of course, members of the HOA boards will favor their friends, and perse4579365_f260cute their enemies. 

  Even some local town neo-fascists can be just as vile as a formal HOA. LOOK AT THIS!! Woman faces 93 days in jail for planting garden in front yard…

    One of the worst aspects of H0As is that when they issue a citation, should you attempt any kind of resistance, you have to pay their lawyers, a proposition that can easily add up to thousands of dollars. Lawyers of course expect to be paid hundreds of dollars per hour and, the lawyers hired by your HOA have a great financial incentive to pay kickbacks or bribes to keep the money flowing. The lawyers might even be friends or relatives of board members .  

Often the HOA will hold secret meetings, open only to favored friends of the board. Sometimes, an HOA will attempt to make an example of a local homeowner who protests their outrageous behavior by doing everything to interfere with their peaceful enjoyment of that person's property. Other neighbors of course, will get the message. In China this is called "Kill the chicken to scare the monkey"  

  At the bottom of this post you will find a link to a class action lawsuit stemming from these extortion rackets.

    If you think I am exaggerating below find a typical story. Wild pigs, which can grow to hundreds of pounds and be dangerous predators and extremely destructive, have invaded a neighborhood in Fort Worth Texas. They regularly devastate people's yards, and homeowners are forbidden to shoot them, and are obligated to immediately fix the mess at great cost. Often, the same hogs will return within a few days and destroy all of the expensive repair work. If they do not do so, the local homeowner association  can issue huge fines. The hogs, coming from a local park and a so-called "wildlife preserve" are totally out of control.    In my opinion, feral beasts,(escaped domestic animals that have gone wild) are no more deserving of any  kind of protection  than rats and other vermin. Let me assure you, these wild hogs are not cute little "Porky pigs":   clip_image001

  The only solution is for the over taxed neighborhood residents to organize aggressive protests and demand justice from their unresponsive elected officials.. Then again, this is typical of most government employees.   Before you move into any new neighborhood make sure that there is no ""Home owner Association", Ignore  my advice and you will probably learn to rue the day.

  Wild Hogs Invade Fort Worth | NBC Dallas-Fort Worth


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