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If Reagan is a modern-day Anastasius, is Obama America's Caracalla? -see my previous post on that topic Like Obama, Caracalla was partially of African descent. Possessed of an enormous ego, but little ability to govern his vast empire, he was completely intolerant of any opposition. After disposing of his brother Geta, with whom he was supposed to share power, he used a combination of demagoguery and wasteful spending to solidify his position. (See below, coins of the two brothers, minted during their boyhood, Geta is on the right. Caracalla already, as a boy looks notably sinister to me! – From my personal collection) clip_image002 Barack Hussein Obama, largely gained power with the support of corrupt unions such as those in Government Motors (GM) and the various municipal and other government unions. He has rewarded those who put him in power with his massive so-called Porkulus bill. (Click on the following link for details) Ft. Hard Knox – Highlights of the Porkulus Bill Obama's "Porkulus Bill", $800 billion of printed money, of course, was simply added to our national debt. The assorted leeches who benefited from the spending will, of course support their benefactor. These insatiably greedy hogs will always come back to the trough, as long as taxpayers are forced to keep feeding them! .clip_image003[1] (Possibly lunch break at your local DMV!)  In the case of Caracalla, instead of government unions, the support base was government soldiers. Caracalla is sometimes given credit for extending Roman citizenship to all free men in the Roman Empire. His motivation however, was anything but pure. It was simply to increase obligate tax revenue, since citizens had extra tax obligations. This reminds me of Obama, hoping to increase his support base by legalizing tens of millions of illegal aliens.    To maintain his absolute hold on power, Caracalla needed to "print" money. His motive was to hand out enormous salary increases to the soldiers propping up his tyrannical rule. In those days of course, paper money did not exist. The most important Roman unit of currency was the silver denarius. (Denaro, the Spanish word for money comes from these coins) Caracalla simply diluted the silver content of that coin, which was the Roman equivalent of the American dollar.     Caracalla's greed however was insatiable; he soon issued a new silver coin supposedly, valued by his regime at two denarii. Unfortunately for the Roman people, it only contained as much silver as 1.5 of those coins. Very quickly, the Romans started to horde the more valuable denarii with its greater silver content and spend the new, debased currency.   Below, you can see the vicious scowl on the face of this bloodthirsty tyrant. Caracalla actually appropriated the name Antoninus Pius, after an earlier, much beloved Roman Emperor. Since we do not know the actual name of this coin, it has been given the name Antoninanus, after the name the monster had appropriated.   (The coin pictured is an actual denarius of Caracalla.)1.  I bought that coin with my lunch money when I was a high school student. Note, the greenish color of the debased coin compared to the color of the silver coins minted when the criminal was still a child!  clip_image005[1] When Caracalla raised taxes and debased the Roman currency, the inevitable result was severe inflation and a very dissatisfied Roman public. Prices of every imaginable commodity skyrocketed, wages did not, and of course there were protests. (Roman Tea Party?) (Caracalla's response was that of any other tyrant, he slaughtered tens of thousands of people)    Just like Obama's base in public-sector unions, Caracalla’s soldiers were only too happy to support him. Most of the extra money which he was coining, debased as it was, went to the soldiers. The men with the guns (in this case spears, swords, catapults, and arrows) will never go hungry.


  Where Caracalla used unconstitutional violence to seize power, (Legally the Roman state was still a Republic) Obama has simply used violence against the US  constitution by appointing his  so called "Czars" without the required Senatorial ratification Eventually, Caracalla was killed by the leader of the Palace security guards, the praetorian prefect, Macrinus. Unfortunately however, while the tyrant was gone, the economic destruction that he inflicted lingered on and, Caracalla was one of the principal authors of the decline of the Roman Empire. When Macrinus attempted required financial sanity, the soldiers soon murdered him and replaced him with a 13 year old transvestite, rumored to be the bastard son of their benefactor Caracalla!! Eventually however, even the Roman military was weakened by the inflation and economic decline.  Today, Barack Hussein Obama's economic policies are frighteningly similar to those of Caracalla. Printing trillions of dollars will inevitably lead to economic ruin. Already we can see the price of gasoline and other commodities growing rapidly. People are buying up gold and silver as a hedge against coming hyperinflation. Two more years of Obama are bad enough, should he be reelected with the support of his greedy parasitic supporters, I'm afraid that the United States of America will suffer the fate of the Western Roman empire: economic ruin followed by political collapse. Even worse, in the face of chaos and danger breaking out all over the world, he proposes to starve our military of needed resources in order to spend money paying back his supporters. Already, just as with the Romans, we are proving ourselves to lack the courage to even defend our borders against hostile aliens who claim half of our country. If you think I am making this up, look at the map below.  Within our country is already a dangerous group called MEChA. They exist on many college campuses and even the mayor of Los Angeles has called himself a proud supporter of this group. They intend on seizing large sections of the United States, as far as the Mississippi River and create a new nation they call Aztlan. With tens of millions of illegal alien supporters, this is not an idle threat. For more information, click on the following link. What is Aztlan, Raza, and MEChA clip_image007 1. Roman coins are actually amazingly inexpensive especially, the debased ones, minted in stupendous quantities)    If you examine this coin you can see the name Antoninus Pius followed by AVG. that is the abbreviation for Augustus, which was the title of the Roman emperors. The last four letters GERM stands for Germanicus, he deluded himself that he was the conqueror of Germany. (The only thing he ever conquered was his murdered younger brother, Geta. The son of Pertinax, a previous Emperor jokingly said he should be called Geticus. He paid for the wisecrack with his life.

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