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Barack Hussein Obama, a demagogic leader, relying on his base of parasites (over paid government workers, welfare recipients, crony capitalists in General Electric and Government Motors, + few other favored corporations) has unleashed a plan for economic destruction.

Raising taxes on the successful and those who have delayed gratification for future rewards, will result in decreased revenue and a dismal future for the American people. Remember that, parasites will die shortly after the host, in the long term, nobody benefits from such policies.

High taxes will discourage people from taking risks, and also, from spending years acquiring skills that will permit them to earn future rewards. Skilled medical professionals for example, frequently do not become really successful until approaching the age of 40. Meanwhile, they are burdened with hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loans, not to mention, now paying huge malpractice insurance costs, benefiting the lawyer class, a favorite benefactor of the Democrat Party.

Why should anybody endure years of long nights of difficult study, very low income, driving 10-year-old cars, renting small apartments shared with several roommates, if when, they finally emerge from this self-inflicted poverty,at  the end of the day, the government confiscates the economic rewards they should get from years of sacrifice. Medical school especially, would be a very bad deal.


Government Fraud “The Capital Gains Tax”

One  malignant plan hidden within Obama's unsustainable budget proposal, is stealing people's savings through the combination of high inflation and a fraudulent so-called "Capital Gains Tax”

The capital gains tax is money due on assets sold for more dollars than for which they were paid; the scam here is that inflation is never taken into account. Therefore when you sell something for far more dollars after 30 years you have not in many cases gained anything. If gasoline has gone from $.70 to four dollars a gallon if you have not for example received several times the number of dollars that you invested you have actually wasted your time and lost money. Next Obama and his buddies arrive, demanding that you fork over a big tax on all those extra dollars. The insidious, part of it therefore, is that the more inflation the government causes by printing dollars, the more it gains in tax revenue. This of course,is at the expense of the suckers who have delayed gratification for all those years.

The classical "Soak the rich" ploy comes right out of Marx’ “Communist Manifesto” which proposed high graduated income taxes and also, very high Death Taxes. Why should anybody risk savings accrued from years of sacrifice on a business venture if, should they be successful, the fruits of their labor are seized by an rapacious government, looking to buy votes from those neither willing to delay gratification or spend years gaining the skills required for future income? While running a successful business is anything but luck, as an example, imagine making a 90% tax on lottery winnings? Who would ever play into the government’s lottery scams? (Interestingly, in George Orwell's anti-Communist classic, "1984", a principal source of government revenue was running lotteries)

For those who begrudge businessmen their economic rewards, think about the responsibilities of running a business. The venture has to run 365 days a year  paying taxes and utilities, so the proprietor can never really be "on vacation". The owner is responsible for dealing with staff management, possible employee embezzlement, purchasing supplies, paying taxes on his buildings, increasingly complex government tax filings and reporting rules, all the while knowing that a change in public tastes, competition or an economic downturn could result in bankruptcy after years of sacrifice.


   Now Obama wants to raise taxes on productive industrious members of the private sector. THE REPUBLICANS WILL DESTROY THEMSELVES IF THEY FALL FOR THIS TRAP JUST AS BUSH 41 WAS. HIS PRESIDENCY WAS ENDED WHEN HE VIOLATED HIS NO NEW TAXES PLEDGE   SEE IT HERE:.George H. W. Bush – YouTube  Bush followed Reagan but he was no Reagan

               Bush 41 and Reagan

  Part of that nefarious tax increase was a hare brained scheme for a "Luxury Tax" on  Yachts to screw the "Rich".  "The Rich" not having ac

quired their wealth being stupid, simply kept their old yachts. The Result: Thousands of US Jobs destroyed , American yacht makers driven into bankruptcy and millions of LOST TAX REVENUE!

   Black American Patriot Walter E. Williams has an excellent piece on this topic

 Walter E. Williams Ignorance, Stupidity or Connivance? – Walter E. Williams – Townhall Conservative

High taxes will make  deciding whether to risk one's wealth on a business venture, as opposed to buying tax-free bonds and lying on the beach, an easy decision.Roosevelt raised marginal tax rates on the wealthy to 90%. Result? They bought tax free bonds, stoped investing in new busines ventures an dropped out of the capitalist system. A two year stock down turn WAS TURNED INTO A 12 YEAR DEPRESSION!!  


If this is Obama's plan for the future, we will find themselves with the economic status of Haiti or North Korea.  I am beginning to conclude that in fact Barak Hussein Obama regards Kim Jung Il, the genocidal communist tyrant of North Korea as his latest mentor. Only the inconvenient existence of the US Constitution and the Second Amendment stands in his way. His comments about "Spreading the Wealth", his association with terrorists and Marxists  such as Bill Ayers , Bernardine Dohrn, Reverend Wright, Rashid Khalidi, Van Jones and other hate filled Islamists and Communists is direct evidence of his hostility  to Western Capitalist Democracy and Western Civilization in general.                                                                                                                                            See the following                          Barack Obama's Islamist ties to Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said and Ali Abunimah – Militant Islam Monitor – Militant Islam Monitor

  On the night of June 3rd – 4th1989 the Red Storm troopers of the "Peoples Liberation Army" 27 Army slaughtered its way into Tienanmen Square and the rest of Beijing (Other cities were also attacked). The Goddess of Democracy, (Also Pictured on my home page) was crushed by a Red Nazi tank. Remember, NAZI is an acronym for National  SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party. The symbols, methods and ideology of the Nazis and Communists are actually very similar. The June 4th 1989 bloodbath  would not have been possible were the Chinese People as well armed as Americans.

                        images22 Goddess of Democracy Erected in Beijing; Workers Resistance Lags                                                         خمینی در مصاحبه.jpg

                     Kim Jung Il                                                             Goddess of Democracy                     World Champion  Mass Killer Mao                                         Blood Thirsty Tyrant Stalin                                        Ayatollah Khomieni

  It should by noted that upon seizing power, tyrants such as Mao, Stalin, Hitler and Ayatollah Khomeini all abolished the right to keep and bear arms with the DEATH PENALTY METED OUT FOR ANY DEFIANCE!

   Leftist Democrats likewise want to destroy the second amendment. 

Already, the most successful 1% pay close to 40% and, the most successful 5% pay nearly 60% of all income taxes. When we talk about fairness, it looks like the top 5% of are pulling the wagon and the bottom 50% who ride in the wagon pay close to nothing. The real greed in society is found not within that top 1% but rather by those trying to live at the expense of everybody else, while enjoying a very relaxing lifestyle, waiting for their benefit checks.

   At the time Obama was elected, Leftist Democrat Congresswhore Jim Moran declared "Just because you have wealth, does not mean you are entitled to keep it" Hw can that theft be accomplished? Class warfare plus using inflation derived money printing, and the fraudulent Capital Gains Tax.

National Taxpayers Union – Who Pays Income Taxes?

Top 1% Paid More in Federal Income Taxes Than Bottom 95% in '07 – NYTimes.com


The Tax Foundation – Summary of Latest Federal Individual Income Tax Data

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