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  The first Earth Day Was Also Lenin’s

             100th Birthday 

 There is a good chance that your children's leftist teachers are conning them into celebrating the birthday of this bloodthirsty criminal, the founder of one of the most vicious  tyranies in human history. Many people mistakenly believe that the bloodthirsty savagery of the Soviet Empire was instituted by Stalin. WRONG!!  Countless thousands of victims were subjected to the most sadistic tortures imaginable during the "Red Terror" ordered by this vicious barbarian. SEE:  Red Terror – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Make sure you read the gruesome details of the agonizing deaths suffered by at least tens of thousands of Lenin's victims.  Execution by crazed rats gnawing  through ones guts is but one example of what psychopathic evil sadists filled the ranks of these depraved vermin.


  One of the methods of Communists, is to appropriate all kinds of other movements for their own purposes. Especially prominent, is taking over the leadership of various disaffected groups, everything from ethnic minority, Animal Rights, Environmentalist, Gay and any other causes, as well as infiltrating and seizing control of large wealthy foundations which they can organize into their so-called coalitions. These groups and foundations can then be used to instigate  huge demonstrations, lobby for funding and quietly transfer their funds for use in all kinds of other schemes. This is why you often see huge, well funded protests in D.C. (The District of Corruption), with hundreds of buses bringing all kinds of people from around the country. Where does this funding come from? Money drained from all of these other causes, and infiltrated foundations is the answer. Some of these hijacked  foundations have tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars at their disposal which can be used to fund the far left  and Marxist-Leninist causes.


WhoFunds the Radical Left In America? | Western Journalism.com
TidesFoundation Grantee Was Founded by Convicted Terrorist – Big Journalism
AmnestyLobby Funded By Leftwing Foundations | Sweetness & Light
Tracking Left wing funding of NPR


 Turning Lenin's 100th birthday, April 22, 1970 into the first Earth Day was a fantastic coup.  It is no accident that the so-called environmentalists are doing everything possible to sabotage all practical forms of energy development within the United States. With the collapse of the Soviet Empire, the environmental and animal rights movements have become the new home of the American far left. Getting schoolchildren to celebrate the birthday Lenin, in the form of Earth Day is just another cynical attempt by the Marxist left to undermine our culture and economy.


  Another leftist ploy, which I learned from my formerly communist sympathizing parents, is to infiltrate  public meetings. Perhaps 10 communists will attend some kind of gathering and start asking endless questions, making long speeches and doing everything possible to drag out the affair out as long as possible. Eventually, most of  the other attendees get bored and leave.  Perhaps, it is now one o'clock in the morning. There are 18 people left in the meeting including the 10 communists. Now, that the tiny minority is  a sudden majority, they pounce. They start calling for votes on all sorts of resolutions. It may be "Condemn the American imperialist government for past racial crimes" or "We demand no budget cuts on the backs of the poor" or "This organization demands a windfall profits tax on big oil to return their profits to the people, their “Rightful Owners’”. It might even be a demand for freeing vicious cop killer “Abdel Mumia Jamal” a former Black Panther  (real name Wesley Cook). He stood over  helpless, wounded Philadelphia police Daniel Faulkner officer, shooting him  in the head at point-blank range. You'll often see "free Mumia" posters at leftist demonstrations. Most people have no idea who he is.


Abu-Jamal – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Official Daniel Faulkner Website


  Individual communists have yet another trick up their sleeves. Carefully watch political debates on television. Communists are taught to overwhelm their opponents, by continuously talking very rapidly and never letting the other side get a word in edgewise. Even when the opponent is speaking, they constantly interrupt to prevent the audience getting any kind of coherent understanding of the other person’s views. The leftists also have this kind of “knowing smirk”, constantly looking with contempt at the other party in the debate “How could you be so ignorant in your views"



So-called "Political Correctness”

  During Joseph Stalin’s reign of terror, being politically incorrect could result in a death sentence. As I have stated in other pieces, this is detailed in George Orwell's “1984”. The disease of Political Correctness has been used to change our very language.  The resulting new way of PC thinking was called “New Speak” in that famous work.


    Castro sympathizing, self ordained minister Jesse Jackson decided that "Black" was no longer politically correct. He invented the divisive term "African American" which all of the Sheeple in the media and society at large obediently started to use. The purpose is to emphasize foreign origins and dividing of the country.


   Replacing the term Oriental with the vague term Asian also became part of American “New Speak" followed shortly. Both terms are used to make members of these groups feel that they are foreign, not really American and therefore should have divided loyalties, even if they possess a valid AMERICAN birth certificate. (I'm till waiting for Obama's – instead of "African American, maybe he is an Ameican African) The word Oriental is derived from Latin meaning East, just as Occident means west. Replacing Oriental with the meaningless term Asian, has no legitimate purpose. The Left was able somehow able to convince many that “Oriental” has racist overtones.  The meaning of “Asian” actually varies from place to place. In America “Asian” usually refers to people of East Asian origin such as Chinese or Japanese. If you go to Great Britain, the meaning of "Asian" is totally different. In that area, the term refers to Indians and Pakistanis. I recently saw an article about some vicious criminals who committed a brutal murder in London.  They were described as "Asian". It turned out, that the perpetrators were actually Pakistani Muslims. Dividing and confusing people and muddying the issues is typical of these leftists. Unfortunately most people do not understand what is happening but then again, unlike me, most people were not raised surrounded by dedicated communists bent on destroying the United States. Fortunately, I revolted against what I was hearing starting at the age of 11. I was so outraged, that I did everything I could to fight with my parent’s evil associates. Eventually, we began to see less and less of them.



One of the latest techniques of these leftist is to accuse their opponents of racism, no matter what the issue is at hand. They will claim that the view of the other party will somehow have a disproportionate negative effect on some kind of racial or other minority.

clip_image002Al Franken

 Other kinds of vicious personal attacks and especially, ridicule are also used. A typical example of this is so-called comedian Al Franken. Unable to counter the very successful arguments and popularity of Rush Limbaugh, he simply started talking about his opponent’s size. His notorious book was titled "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot". If you cannot effectively counter your opponent’s ideas, simply disparage their physical appearance. Somehow mocking Rush’ ample girth at the time of the writing, was supposed to counter everything Mr. Limbaugh says on his extraordinarily popular radio show. The more popular the opponent, the more threatening to the leftists, thus, the more vicious the attacks.

 clip_image003 Sarah Palin



The level of hatred directed at Sarah Palin and her family is just the latest example. If they cannot win the argument, they will try to destroy their opponent by all means possible.


    GE, under the leadership of Jeffrey Immelt, has turned its subsidiaries, NBC and especially MSNBC into left wing mouthpieces brimming with hatred. They successfully persuaded the American people that Tina Fey, a Sarah Palin look-alike  actress on "Saturday Night Live", was actually Sarah Palin herself. When that actress stated that "I can see Russia from my kitchen window", the leftist media picked up this ridiculous joke, and claimed that it was actually said by Sarah Palin herself. Most people still believe to this day, that it was Sarah Palin who made that remark. Electing conservatives is extremely difficult when the media perpetrate a sea of lies and misleading statements.


  It is obvious that General Electric has now been turned into a leftist base of operations. The contrast between its current management and the previous brilliant leadership under chief executive officer, Jack Welsh cannot be more striking. Under Jack's stewardship General Electric was one of the most successful corporations in the world. Since he has left, its management is obviously far more interested in furthering a leftist and so-called environmentalist agenda, that in making money for the stockholders. Both the company and its stockholders have suffered accordingly. Taking control of one of the most powerful corporations makes the left even more threatening to our future and security. 


 Jack Welch


          Mr. Welsh has even denounced the current GE administration but the liberal media have largely forgotten about or even worse, decided to ignore this most brilliant of business leaders.  

  Obama Administration Is 'Anti-Business': Jack Welch – CNBC


  Under the current leadership of Jeff Immelt, GE has done miserably but Immelt is doing just fine. His reward for screwing GE and its stockholders but tuning its subsidiary TV networks into low rated failing outlets: A new important appointment by Barak Obama.

Obama Picks Jeffrey Immelt, GE CEO, To Run New Jobs-Focused Panel As GE Sends Jobs Overseas, Pays Little In Taxes


 Perhaps, it is time for a shareholders revolt!



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