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(Please listen to Ronald Reagan’s amazing speech, warning us about today’s evils from 47 years ago, LINK AT BOTTOM!!)


  Coming five dollar a gallon gasoline is no accident; the answer is dropping supplies,  steady demand, explosion in dollars printed. Other causes are very simple.

1.      No drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, despite a court order, Obama has banned drilling by Americans in the Gulf. Billions of dollars of course have been handed to Brazil to drill in the Gulf. China is drilling in the Florida Straits without opposition and two years ago in October made a 20 billion barrel oil strike. Of course our media did not report this.

  Senator mulls law to punish firms drilling near Florida


 China Drills For Oil 50 Miles Off The Florida Coast???, page 1


Cuba Drills for Oil 60 Miles Off U.S. Coast


2.      No drilling off the East Coast.


3.      No drilling off the West Coast despite California's huge car culture. They want the oil but they don't want to help supply it.




Energy in America: EPA Rules Force Shell to Abandon Oil Drilling Plans – FoxNews.com


 The so-called Arctic national wildlife refuge is a frozen desert. Environmentalists keep showing pictures of frolicking polar bears and beautiful mountains but that is not what the area looks like. It is a featureless plain, brutally cold for most of the year but which turns into a vast mosquito infested swamp during the short summer. It is anything but a tourist attraction. (My two childhood Alaskan summers were a mosquito infested hell.) 

   In any event with slant drilling we can use perhaps 1/10 of 1% of the land. Huge oil platforms such as those required middle of a hurricane prone ocean are not required. All that is needed are fences large enough to keep out the man eating polar bears.


   We are forbidden even to explore for the oil. Obviously, if a huge discovery is made, with estimates of vast oil reserves, Americans, freezing in the dark and bankrupted by exploding costs of transportation and food (fertilizer requires tremendous energy for its production) will rebel. The so-called environmentalists are commonly called "Watermelons": Green on the outside red on the inside. The environmental movement is the new home of communists displaced by the collapse of the Soviet Empire! Earth Day, April 22 is the birthday of Vladimir Lenin! The very first Earth Day was actually staged on Lenin's 100th birthday!


5.      Obama’s printing presses are destroying our dollars! Nobody wants to trade valuable commodities such as oil, which are finite resources, for paper dollars that can be printed in infinite amounts. Until Congress takes the keys to the printing presses, oil prices will continue to rise and America will continue to sink into economic ruin. 

      DO YOU THINK ELECTRIC CARS AND HYBRIDS ARE THE ANSWER? THINK AGAIN! I drive a Prius, it is a great money saving, reliable car. Would you like to drive a load of hogs, cattle corn, flower or big screen TVs by Prius?!

      What the #%&!! do you think will happen to your food bill when 18 wheel truck drivers are paying $8 a gallon for diesel! Are you as PO'ed as me? Call your congressional leech and tell him what you think! (I do not know why the site is partially Spanish If you are not literate in English, how can you really understand America!)

Contacting the Congress: A Citizen's Congressional Directory











Hugo Chavez

6.Who benefits from this disaster! Venezuela, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia- it would be interesting to see who was funding all these groups blocking every  reasonable form of energy development within the United States.  Rickety windmills, produced with very expensive Chinese supplied rare  earth magnets are NOT the answer! .



clip_image003Ahmadinejad (Im-On-A-Jihad –Of genocide)


Victim of Iran’s Islamo-Nazi Regime


clip_image007Emblem of Saudi Arabia -(What do you think those swords are for? Probably not slicing up a pizza!) Remember, public beheadings occur after Friday prayers in most large Saudi cities)


  The international oil cartel, OPEC is making trillions of dollars selling oil for outrageous prices. Were America to undertake a crash program of oil production in its territorial waters, and the Arctic wastelands, current oil prices would be unsustainable. I am convinced that should Barack Hussein Obama announced an emergency program of offshore exploration drilling, the price of crude oil would drop by $50 a barrel within a few weeks. The thought of huge new American supplies coming in a few short years would TERRIFY THE OPEC PARASITES!! 


  JFK inspired us to put a man on the moon in about 6 years! We built thousands of planes and around thirty aircraft carriers in a few short years during WWII! 


   We simultaneously crushed the Japanese Empire and Nazi Germany in THREE AND ONE HALF YEARS!!!


   WE ARE AMERICANS AND WE HAVE PRODUCED MIRACLES BEFORE!! DO NOT BELIEVE THE CRAP THAT IN A TIME OF CRISIS, WE CANNOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO SAVE OUR ECONOMY AND NATION WITH A CRASH DRILLING PROGRAM!  To accept such rubbish is to be like beaten dog Winston Smith in Orwell's "1984", who agreed with Party thugs that 2 + 2 = 5!!!


    I very much suspect that our enemies behind the scenes are giving out large campaign donations and other bribes to those responsible for turning off America's oil spigots.

   What is happening here, is a US Government economic war on American consumers. What I want to know is, when will the American public rise up and fight back!


 Everything we eat and consume requires transportation. What do you think will happen to food prices if diesel fuel is $10 a gallon? Fertilizer production is highly energy intensive, what do you think will happen to food prices if fertilizer prices triple? Between transportation and fertilizer costs we are looking at a bleak future: hungry, dark and cold. We are facing Empty stomachs, chilly houses, impossibly expensive vacations, crippled transportation systems and exploding inflation.

   Remember, electric cars still need a power source for re-charging. That power will have to be supplied with a reasonable energy source. Want to try charging over night with solar panels?


 A little known but very practicable  energy solution  to our urgent energy crisis: THORIUM FIRED NUCLEAR REACTORS!! It is certainly not nearly the challenge of putting a man on the moon!!  Read about it here: (You will probably soon know more than B Hussein Obama!)



Thorium fuel cycle – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia




A dark, cold dismal future will inevitably lead to violence and very possibly to some kind of dictatorship. It was hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic which actually led the German people to turn to Adolf Hitler. When people are desperate they will do desperate things. Do not think it can't happen here. As for myself, my mom told me about 50 of my ancestors that ended up in the ovens of Auschwitz. I will do all I can to avoid being #51 In times of crisis, Jews are often somehow blamed.


Ronald Reagan repeatedly used this quote in his speeches.  It has been attributed to several different scholars including a Professor Tyler and Alexis de Tocqueville. It's origin is really not important because it's truth is certain


“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largesse out of the public treasury. From that moment on the majority, he said, always vote for the candidate promising the most benefits from the treasury with the result that democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy, always to be followed by a dictatorship."


   Unfortunately, we can't argue with the writer because when he wrote this, we were still colonials of Great Britain and he was explaining what had destroyed the Athenian Republic more than 2000 years before.


  In our present time of economic catastrophe, I miss Ronald Reagan every day. Everybody should listen to his "Rendezvous With Destiny” speech!!

Even though this speech was made in 1964, everything he stated is totally valid  today. Please take your time to listen to the words of one of our greatest presidents. He discusses taxes and spending and all the other ills that are taking place right now. The beginning of his speech could be written to describe the behavior of Barack Hussein Obama. His words are absolutely astounding!

  Ronald Reagan deserves a place on Mt Rushmore!

 YouTube – "A Time for Choosing" by Ronald Reagan






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