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I do not know why the producers of shaving cream are unable  put plastic or other water proof coatings on the bottoms of the cans. The cans sit on your wet vanity and soon you have a series of rusty brown rings to scrape off with scouring powder. Are they also selling scouring powder?

clip_image002 I no need infidel shaving cream!!

In any case, house guests seeing those ugly rings -especially women who do not shave

must think all men are lazy slobs. Of course, Osama Bin Laden  figured out one sure way to avoid the ugly shaving cream ring: grow a beard and saw off everyone else’s head! (Of course, living in a cave, you don’t worry about rust rings; instead, you need to deal with beard lice!)

A second option, LIVE IN A HOLE IN THE GROUND!

clip_image003 What is this infidel thing you call soap?

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