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The political left controls most media outlets in Western countries. This is no accident since it is one of their principal methods of spreading their malignant influence. As George Orwell famously said, "He who controls the present controls the past, he who controls the past controls the future". Controlling the media means that you decide what stories are reported and which are ignored. Even better, the stories can be manipulated with facts added, deleted or emphasized or deemphasized.

A disgusting example of media bias is the Knoxville murders. It was one of the most horrific and vicious racial hate crimes in recent history. You didn't hear about this? Probably not, the victims, and the perpetrators did not fit the racial agenda of the left. You can read some details of this dreadful tale yourself from these links.

The Untold Knoxville Murders – HUMAN EVENTS

michelle malkin knoxville murders – AOL Search Results


Briefly, a pair of college students was carjacked by five black thugs. First the male student was, believe it or not anally raped by these vicious perpetrators. After torturing and castrating him, while his girlfriend watched for 24 hours or more, he was further mutilated and disposed of. Finishing with their first victim they sexually mutilated the young woman who had been forced to wait for her chance for indescribable savagery. Having committed unspeakable acts, she was forced to drink bleach to destroy the DNA which they deposited in her stomach. (I will not go into the details)


The two victims are pictured below. I want you to remember their names and help to make sure they are not forgotten.


Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom



Do you remember, the so-called Duke Rape Case? A black prostitute was hired to perform as an exotic dancer. She falsely accused a group of white lacrosse players from Duke University of rape. Reputedly, she tried to extort some extra money and, the victims refused. The local prosecutor covered up the fact that she had DNA from numerous other individuals in her body, but none, from any of the slandered Duke students. The facts were covered up for a long time. Meanwhile the students were held up to international ridicule and made to look like a local Klan chapter. The news media were drooling with glee at the sight of a group of wealthy white boys allegedly involved in a horrible crime with racial overtones. It became an international story. Even was the story true, it is not 1/10 of 1% of the depravity of the previous case in Knoxville Tennessee.


The story recently became more egregious. Crystal Magnum, the liar in the Duke Rape case, viciously knifed a man who was hospitalized in critical condition. Was that case presented on all of the networks? Was it a headline; of course not, it did not fit the leftist agenda. Only when the victim died, after suffering for two weeks did the media finally note the story.


Chrystal Magnum.



The contrast between the two stories is of course, what I mean by selective indignation. When something happens to one of the groups that you favor you scream and howl and feign outrage. When a member of that group does something terrible, you simply bury the story. In the United States, the media absolutely loathes white males. Any time a white male is involved in a crime, it ends up fitting their political agenda and will be trumpeted. In most cases, the same media will not even describe the color of a perpetrator. Many people now assume that when the race of a criminal is not reported, the perpetrator is probably Black.


Besides the injustice, minimizing the effect of crimes by blacks results in not just white but many, many more black victims. The Liberal, white media try to excuse violent crime in black communities as a product of past discrimination. This condems other Black residents to lives of terror. Of course, the sanctimonious liberals generally live in safe neighborhoods, their children attending fancy private schools.


Fomenting hatred between blacks and whites in America is not the only crime committed by our parasitic left wing media.

  It has also come to my attention that there has been wide spread violent persecution of Asians in many areas of the US. What amounted to an anti Asian pogrom took place in Philadelphia PA for several years in South Philadelphia HS. Numerous vicious assaults resulting in Asian students ending up in hospitals, some with permanent injuries were totally ignored by the Main Stream Media. Only when the entire Asian school population boycotted the school were the Black administrators forced to act.

   In San Francisco a number of savage murders of mostly older Asians by Black thugs have likewise been covered up. Links to these stories follow:


Asian Students Under Assault | News and Opinion | Philadelphia Weekly
YouTube – ?Racist Blacks beat a Chinese man to death??
Anti-Asian Violence in Black and White | The International Examiner  (The quote below is from this source)
San Francisco community organizer Carol Mo calls these examples of anti-Asian violence “San Francisco’s dirty little secret” and notes that she participated in a 2008 SF Police Department analysis of 300 robberies that found in “85 percent of the physical assault crimes, the victims were Asian and the perpetrators were African American.”

  Today, (9/21/2011) the most vicious regime in the world, is running a modern day DEATH CAMP modeled on those created by the Nazis. For many years, South Korean  Leftists have actively tried to suppress the news of the genocide on their doorstep.  The WHOREHOUSE called the UN is ignoring this outrage. China continues to send escaping refugees back to their deaths as it supports its criminal neighbor. The obsession with "Palestinians" has blinded that cesspool of corruption to the horrific crimes happening as you read this. YOU CAN SEE PICTURES OF THE LARGEST  NORTH KOREAN DEATH CAMP HERE:

North Korea: Satellite photos show death camps they still deny even exist | Mail Online


Dictator Kim and His Parasitic Offspring and designated successor

During the existence of the Soviet Empire, media in the United States ignored the great genocide in the Ukraine in the 1930s. In fact, William Duranty, a New York Times reporter was given the Pulitzer Prize for his writing. He was extolling the great virtues of, and brilliant leadership of JOSEPH STALIN!!

clip_image004 Stalin

In actual fact, this enemy agent was perpetrating one of the most ghastly hoaxes in history. The mass starvation in Ukraine was cynically covered up despite clear evidence that one of the greatest crimes in history was occurring.. To this day, I do not think that the New York Times has apologized for this outrageous fraud. The number of victims was nearly on the scale of the Nazi Holocaust. Read about it here:

The 1932-33 Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine – Artem Yaroslav Luhovy

Ukrainian National Museum of Chicago –

Walter Duranty – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Pulitzer-Winning Lies | The Weekly Standard

Stalin, cannibalism, and the true nature of evil. – By Ron Rosenbaum – Slate Magazine

As far as the Nazis are concerned, one must remember that, despite the popular impression that Nazis and the Communists are opposite, in actual fact and practice, there is little difference. Nazi is a German acronym for National Socialist German Workers Party. Note, the contrast with the Soviets is simply that the German version was socialism within one nation, where the Stalinists wanted socialism across an entire chain gang of nations. As far as the average citizen is concerned, the difference is one of semantics.

Both regimes were filled with jackbooted thugs, secret police, death camps, torture and mass murder, cruelty and sadism of every description. Even, the propaganda pictures are very similar in the two societies. Hitler actually modeled his vast concentration camps on those created by his former ally, Joseph Stalin.

Another great crime was committed after leftists systematically undermined our war effort in Southeast Asia. A law was actually passed by a group of liberal senators, led by Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy, that forbade the United States from giving any aid to our former allies in Laos, Cambodia and South Vietnam. This gave the Communists in North Vietnam the green light for a ferocious assault across the Demilitarized Zone.

Deprived of their accustomed air cover, and faced with an overwhelming invasion of thousands of troops and huge tank armies, the South Vietnamese Army, totally outgunned simply panicked and collapsed. The mechanized North Vietnamese forces, completely exposed on Highway 1 as they poured across the border would have been an easy target, but Richard Nixon, in the midst of the Watergate scandal was not able to act. The result was approximately 4,000,000 deaths over the next several years. In this case, the media cover-up was so efficient that Joe Biden was able to be selected as vice president by the most left-wing president in American history. Hardly anybody remembers the dead Cambodians, Laotians and Vietnamese, directly attributable to the treasonous behavior of that gang of senators.

In world affairs, when pro-Western peoples are subjected to even the most vicious brutality and genocide, it is completely ignored by the international media. A few more examples:

In 1976 the Christian city of Damour Lebanon was overwhelmed by the PLO, thousands of people were slaughtered. This event was vividly described to me by some Lebanese Christian refugees I met. I was also in contact with the Lebanese Forces, who to this day are resisting the obliteration of Lebanon’s Christian community. (As a former Jewish Defense League member I have great sympathy for Lebanon’s Christians.) None of this even made the back pages of the New York Times. Six years later, a group of children who had survived hiding under beds, closets etc. formed an armed group called the Damouri Brigade. When, in 1982, after the combined Syrian – PLO perpetrated assassination of most of Lebanon's Christian government, including president Bashir Gemayel, the Damouri brigade and other members of Christian militia attacked two Palestinian refugee camps. 323 people were killed in those camps, including a handful of women and children caught in the crossfire. The media focused only on this collateral damage and never mentioned the earlier event, which inspired the vengeance.


Murdered Lebanese President Bashir Gemeyal (Friend of Israel and America)

During the late 1980s, Saddam Hussein committed one of the great genocides of the 20th century against the people of Kurdistan. Kurdistan should never have been divided up in the 1920s, and left defenseless. Kurds have long been regarded with suspicion by their Arab neighbors, and have sought their own homeland for hundreds of years.

Kurds are the largest national group in the world without a country. The pro American Kurdish struggle for independence, led by their heroic leader Mustafa Barzani was betrayed in 1975 at a meeting between Iran and Iraq at an OPEC conference. Barzani fled to the US.


Mustafa Barzani

Not satisfied with the 1975 betrayal, Saddam Hussein decided to solve the Kurdish question once and for all in the 1980s. His solution was called Al Anfal.

We must remember that the Baath party in Iraq was originally modeled on Germany's Nazi party. Saddam's solution to the Kurdish question was similar to Hitler's solution to the Jewish question. Thousands of Kurdish villages were destroyed; Arabs were settled on traditionally Kurdish territory especially, the city of Kirkuk, regarded by the Kurds as their Jerusalem. Other minorities were also targeted


Note the similarity between Joseph Stalin and Saddam Hussein. This is not an accident. Saddam was a huge admirer of Stalin and his tactics and saw himself Stalin's disciple  hence the same moustaches.  


At the time of the Anfal campaign, the media totally ignored it. It was one of the great media cover-ups, almost on a scale of the Ukrainian genocide perpetrated by Saddam Hussein's mentor, Joseph Stalin (he kept pictures of Joseph Stalin in his palace)

In my opinion, this media cover-up is largely responsible for enabling the genocide to take place. Nobody was interested in slaughtered Kurds, they were very inconvenient. They possessed lots of oil their country had been stolen and powerful interests in the Arab world and OPEC preferred to see them dead. Since they were fighting for freedom and were very pro-American, the leftists in the media despised them.

clip_image011 Dead Kurds after gas attack

As we can see, media bias is more than just corruption; it has resulted in mass murder on a horrific scale. In my opinion the international media is one of the most disgusting, worthless parasites feeding off human misery and even worse, doing everything they can to perpetrate even more. Covering up mass murder in my opinion makes one accessory to the crime.

In Southeast Asia even today there is a terrible slaughter going on in Burma against the Karen and other minorities. Rape by AIDS infected soldiers is just one of the methods of terrorism used but one of the most vicious regimes in the world, which happens to be an ally of North Korea. The death toll over the years has been frightful but the media are not interested. The government of Burma is an ally of communist China and the media leftists will never oppose a communist regime.

One way to tell the political bias of a media outlet is how they describe the nation of Burma. Aung San Suu Kyi, despite vicious persecution of her supporters won an astounding 82% of the vote in an election contested by 80 political parties. The Burmese regime whose acronym at the time was SLORC, simply threw her into prison and house arrest for the next 20 years. They then proceeded to change the name of the country. The ugly new name picked by the criminals in the Burmese regime was Myanmar.

Any media outlet using the name Myanmar, rather than the name Burma is showing sympathy for the criminals in Rangoon (they have even renamed the city Yangon) In Burma she is often just refered to as “The Lady” She won the Nobel peace prize.


Aung San Suu Kyi in traditional Karen clothing in front of the Karen national flag

As you can see, Aung San Suu Kyi, the legitimate ruler of Burma, shows respect for the Karen minority, which the thugs in “Myanmar” would like to exterminate. Not something discussed in the liberal media.

It seems that in international affairs there is a policy of “No Jews no news” more than half of all United Nations resolutions are directed against the tiny nation of Israel. The liberal media seem to be obsessed with delegitimizing Israel despite the fact that Israel only controls 13/10000 of the land of the Middle East. Any time Israel responds to terrorist attacks, the media will howl in protest. They should have spent more time with their sanctimonious outrage in the 1930s as Jews were disappearing into the ovens, Cambodians butchered in the 1970s in the killing fields, or the Kurds being suffering poison gas attacks during the vicious Anfal campaign.

For many years in international affairs bloodthirsty violence directed against helpless people is ignored unless it can somehow be blamed on the Jews and Israel. Persecuted Christians in Egypt, Iraq, and other Muslim countries get no sympathy. Kurds slaughtered by the thousands in Iran, Iraq and elsewhere are as Orwell termed it “un-persons”, genocide in Burma does not even deserve two seconds on the nightly news, the butchering of nearly 1,000,000 Tutsis in Rwanda likewise was of no interest to the UN or anybody else until the job was nearly complete. The UN official on the scene who should have warned and was supposed to be protecting the people there did nothing, his reward? He was appointed UN Secretary-General! His name Kofi Annan!


Victims of Rwandan Genocide

During the rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan, an Oriental tribe called the Hazara suffered vicious persecution and racist mass murder, one of their crimes was, as Orientals, many were unable to grow sufficiently Islamic beards. International media and the UN of course as usual ignored this latest example of genocidal mass murder. Again, this event could not be blamed on Israel, Jews or George W. Bush thus, no interest on the part of the left-wing media.


Hazara Children in Afghanistan

In conclusion, you can see that the Selective Indignation of the political left and its allies in the media has had dreadful consequences. It is far worse than just ignoring crimes that do not fit a particular racial agenda in the United States. The number of victims of left-wing and media selective indignation probably numbers in the tens of millions over the past decades. Unfortunately, there is no reason expect any change in this loathsome behavior, by those who rather than giving us our nightly news, are co-conspirators in some of the greatest crimes of the last century.

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