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UPDATED – ORIGINALLY POSTED APRIL 2011 Global Warming: History's Greatest Scam    The fraudulent issue of Global Warming (Now often called "Climate Change" by the assorted leftists and other enemies of America) is nothing more than a vast financial rip-off, engineered to crush the American economy and unjustifiably enrich those attempting to convince us to use the most inefficient and unreliable forms of energy. (BE SURE TO WATCH THE MOVIE AT THE END OF THIS ARTICLE!)      Especially outrageous, over the last several years, GLACIERS HAVE BEEN GROWING NOT SHRINKING! Of course the usual media cover-up has buried this.

  Interesting, the growing glaciers have overcome the sunlight absorbing soot, deposited mostly from filthy Chinese coal burning power plants. Much of the earlier ice cap melting was not from CO2, but from all that soot.  Yet, China is exempt from the US Economy killing Kyoto Protocol.

NOTE: A HUGE BATCH OF EMAILS REVEALED AROUND NOVEMBER 20, 2011 REVEALS EVEN MORE FRAUD SURROUNDING THIS MASSIVE SCAM. Read all about it here! These criminals posing as scientists deserve some serious time in prison!

Climategate 2.0: New E-Mails Rock The Global Warming Debate – Forbes

  During the period of VERY HIGH solar activity, which occurred until about 10 years ago the climate WAS warming. Unfortunately for these Marxist scam artists, IT WAS THE SUN, NOT humans!!.

  During that active solar period "GLOBAL WARMING" WAS ALSO HAPPENING ON MARS, AND ALL OVER THE REST OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM!!  DO MARTIANS HAVE SUV'S?!!  Remember, the Gore family and Communist Party USA founding family had a close relationship. AL GORE SR. and Armand Hammer were close buddies. Armand was elder son of Party Founder Julius Hammer!!


Who Is Out To `Hammer' Vice President Gore?
  The evidence for earlier Solar System wide "Global Warming" follows
   June 27, 2011  Now, this is being totally reversed – see more evidence below.
Is this radical prediction premature? "They may be right," says David Hathaway of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. But he points out that we have only a few cycles or less of the data that the prediction is based upon, and the cycles before the last one were stronger than average. The record of umbral field strengths goes back only about a single cycle. "As for myself, I'm going to wait until we see more of Cycle 24."


URGENT UPDATE! JUNE 17 The sun is continuing and even escalating its abnormally quiet activity. Even worse, there is increasing evidence that the sun is going into a new Maunder Minimum. The Solar Jet Stream, which is associated with the next Solar Cycle (25) has failed to materialize. This means the next solar cycle will produce virtually no spots as a result of a severe weakening of the Solar Magnetic  Field.

   That means a very weak solar wind resulting in increased Cosmic Rays. That in turn causes increased cloudiness and thus serious GLOBAL COOLING! The last time this occurred, THE LITTLE ICE AGE with its famines and plagues quickly followed!! The solution may have to be launching huge reflective mylar sheets into space to replace the missing solar energy. The alternative may led to BILLIONS starving and freezing to death. Here are links to this critical new information  

   Sun's Fading Spots Signal Big Drop in Solar Activity | Sunspots, Solar Weather & Solar Storms | Solar Cycle | Space.com 


  Remember the scary stories about drowning polar bears? It is also based on yet ANOTHER FRAUD!! Charles Monnett, the scientist behind the story is being investigated for FRAUD! The polar  bear tale was the basis for the EPA calling Carbon Dioxide a pollutant, thus allowing it to tax and control carbon dioxide emissions. $Billions in taxes and regulations flowed from that tissue of LIES!!

APNewsBreak: Arctic scientist under investigation – Yahoo! News

  The over all effect of carbon dioxide on climate has now also been called into question!

New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hold In Global Warming Alarmism – Yahoo! News



  ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: Once again Climate Change Fraudsters are fudging data to scare the public with corrupt fear mongering. They have actually added data to exaggerate sea level rise!!

Changing Tides: Research Center Under Fire for 'Adjusted' Sea-Level Data – FoxNews.com

  Click the following links further down; the evidence against global warming  is overwhelming. Control the media and you control the agenda. Check the link to the Tale Of Two Houses later in this piece.   The systematic media FRAUD surrounding this media created scam should leave you outraged.    Have your kids look at the evidence to counter the intellectual sloth of their lazy, overpaid liberal teachers.    This is a typical example of Main Stream media MALPRACTICE!!  

The "Climate Change fraudsters try to claim that we have more destructive and numerous hurricanes because of "Global Warming"       Imagine if Hurricanes Audrey and Hazel happened today. Audrey was at Cat 4 JUNE hurricane (Only one ever) but occurred in 1957. Hurricane Audrey – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   Hazel, a high end Cat 4 occurred in 1954 on OCTOBER 15, hitting the Carolinas. (AMAZINGLY  FAR NORTH FOR SUCH A LATE SEASON MAJOR HURRICANE) It then  caused severe destruction in TORONTO CANADA!! Hurricane Hazel – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia IMAGINE THE FIELD DAY THE GLOBAL WARMING SCAMSTERS WOULD HAVE SHOULD SOMETHING LIKE THIS HAPPEN TODAY!! NOTE: THE APRIL 27, 2011 TORNADO OUTBREAK IS RELATED TO ABNORMALLY COLD AIR CLASHING WITH A SURGE OF GULF MOISTURE.  The same is true about the Joplin MO tragedy. More abnormal COLD combined with a powerful low pressure area energized by the clash of that chilly air with gulf moisture.   This writer traveled through Missouri in early May to see the Magicicada emergence only to find them hiding under ground from cold miserable weather. I endured  torrential rain combined with wind and an early afternoon temperature of 41 degrees! Now on Memorial Day weekend many western camping areas are closed because of SNOW!!  Heavy snows spoil weekend holiday plans in West…

 August 14, 2011



Here is some of the evidence of Climate Change Industry fraud and deception:   'Trebuchet MS','sans-serif'"> 'Trebuchet MS','sans-serif'"> 'Trebuchet MS','sans-serif'"> 'Trebuchet MS','sans-serif'"> 'Trebuchet MS','sans-serif'">Growing Glaciers 'Trebuchet MS','sans-serif'; COLOR: black"> 'Trebuchet MS','sans-serif'; COLOR: black"> 'Trebuchet MS','sans-serif'; COLOR: black"> 'Trebuchet MS','sans-serif'; COLOR: black"> 'Trebuchet MS','sans-serif'; COLOR: black">

Antarctic ice is growing, not melting away | News.com.au 'Trebuchet MS','sans-serif'; COLOR: black"> 'Trebuchet MS','sans-serif'; COLOR: black"> 'Trebuchet MS','sans-serif'; COLOR: black"> 'Trebuchet MS','sans-serif'; COLOR: black"> 'Trebuchet MS','sans-serif'; COLOR: black">

 ICECAP   George Orwell, (Eric Blair) in his classic expose’ of the evils and cruelty of Communism “1984” had Party thugs torturing the protagonist, Winston Smith until he agreed that “2 + 2 = 5”!!  Today, the leftist controlled, probably paid off media are merely torturing the truth!! There is vast wealth to be reaped in the “Global Warming/Climate Change” scam! FIRST A BRIEF OUTLINE

1. Windmills are costly, ugly and inefficient.

2. GE, Owner of NBC & MSNBC elected Obama to support windmills.

3. The best wind areas are usually far from big electricity users.

4. Solar panels wear out, are energy intensive to produce and have been blocked by environmentalists.

5. "Cap and Trade" taxes will only apply to the USA, sending jobs overseas.

6. US Carbon quotas do not give us credit for the world's highest immigration rate

7. Making windmills requires expensive, Chinese produced rare earth metal magnets. China is also building coal and nuclear plants at breakneck speed.

8. Past temperature records are notoriously unreliable. (See Climategate)

9. The Left ignores the "Medieval Warm Period" and the following disaster of the "Little Ice Age" BOTH CAUSED BY SOLAR VARIATIONS!

10. Bio fuels have been an environmental and food destroying catastrophe, wrecking forests are causing starvation. This was one of the factors behind the Egyptian rebellion.

11. Al Gore is a loathsome hypocrite with a private jet and huge mansion. SEE: http://urbanlegends.about.com/library/bl_tale_two_houses.htm http://www.snopes.com/politics/bush/house.asp

1. Windmills produce energy at six times the cost of current fossil fuel and nuclear power sources. Windmills require those special rare earth magnets for the spinning wind turbines needed for power generation. Nearly all of the rare earths must be imported from communist China, a dubious proposition at best. In addition, huge numbers of birds, INCLUDING ENDANGERED GOLDEN EAGLES  are being slaughtered by these ugly devices .The green killer: Scores of protected golden eagles dying after colliding with wind turbines | Mail Online

   Interestingly, the EPA may shut down vast oil reserves in Texas because of the presence of a THREE INCH LIZARD! I guess Politically Correct energy sources get a free pass at the expense of BOTH THE US ECONOMY AND THE ENVIRONMENT!


2. GE, owner of NBC and MSNBC specifically helped elect Barack Hussein Obama to the presidency. GE is the largest producer of these inefficient and unreliable windmills. Remember, most large industries require large and steady sources of power. By its nature wind power is variable and unreliable. Note, Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of GE has been rewarded by Obama with a powerful government advisory appointment. Windmills, typically towering at 300 feet, are complex pieces of machinery requiring constant and risky maintenance. (Would you like to climb a 300 foot tower?)

3. Areas with the best winds are often far from the cities where the power would be used. This means thousands of miles of ugly, high-voltage power lines or, extremely expensive, underground lines prone to shorting from groundwater.

4. So-called environmentalists have blocked construction of equally unreliable fields of solar panels in the Western deserts claiming that among other things, they interfere with the sex life of a supposedly endangered tortoise. So we can forget about solar energy. Solar panels steadily lose generating ability upon exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun. Of course, the Sun is another very unreliable source: Are we to shut down our major industries at night or cloudy days?

5. The biggest issue is that very expensive and inefficient, so-called green energy sources will be foisted only on American companies. Other countries are going to be exempted from the global warming requirements and taxes. One estimate, is that Obama's proposed global warming taxes will cost $46 trillion over the next couple of decades, all of which will be borne by the American economy. China, India, Brazil, and others will be of course, be exempt.

   We can be sure that our competitors  will be very happy to accept all of the American manufacturing industries that will immediately start exiting the area of expensive, unreliable energy in the United States and move their factories and jobs and wealth to our rivals.

6. The Global Warming treaties that have been proposed do not take into account the extremely large immigration rates which only affect the United States of America. Millions of immigrants, both legal and illegal pouring into America will by necessity, require increased energy but will not give us more carbon emission allotments under these treaties. In every way, so-called Cap and Trade and related agreements and treaties are a miserable deal for America and America's consumers. Remember America accepts twice the number of LEGAL immigrants as the rest of the world combined.

7. While Americans are struggling with ugly, inefficient and dubious sources of allegedly green energy, (the manufacturing of these sources actually requires tremendous amounts of energy) China has been building coal-fired and nuclear plants at a breakneck speed. Huge underground, uncontrollable coal mine fires in northern China, which by some reports produce more carbon dioxide than all the motor vehicles in North America, do not count towards China's so-called carbon footprint.

  Do you think China is going to allow outsiders to monitor their energy use? Chinese citizens cooperating in such monitoring will certainly be accused of treason and will be given a free long-term vacation in one of their delightful gulags, in the wastes of Inner Mongolia or Xinjiang .

8. Worst of all, the evidence for alleged global warming has been concocted by those with a political and financial agenda. Temperatures have been measured for example, in areas where forests and fields have been replaced by airport runways and other construction over the years, completely skewing temperature records. The fraudulent skewing of climate records to push this nonsense is at the root of the "Climategate" scandal which of course, was covered up by most American media. I guess extensive lobbying by GE and its buddies was effective. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100017393/climategate-the-final-nail-in-the-coffin-of-anthropogenic-global-warming  See above – Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of 'Anthropogenic Global Warming'? – Telegraph Blogs

9. A thousand years ago world temperatures were about 3° warmer than today. Were the Vikings driving around in SUVs as they settled in then forested Greenland? This period of time, called the Medieval Warming period was a time of prosperity and growth. Obviously the polar bears did not become extinct.

  8000 years ago, temperatures were as much as 8° warmer than today (Holocene Maximum) at the time of the Bronze Age. Climates have been changing forever, the Sun is a variable star. Recent decreases in sunspot activity are probably responsible for the last few years of cold and miserable weather which afflicted many areas around the globe. The current cycle 24 was the most spotless in a CENTURY. The Sun has not been this active since the end of the Little Ice Age 100 years ago. In late May, the sun is STILL very quiet during an expected sunspot MAXIMUM! See the evidence HERE:SpaceWeather.com — News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids

These variations have nothing to do with humans and everything to do with the sun, and are totally beyond our control. The near absence of Sunspots during the Maunder and Dalton minimums were associated with decades of disastrous disease spreading, crop destroying frigid weather. (The Black Death of the 1300's began soon after a Little Ice age followed the sudden end of the Medieval Warm Period. (Rat fleas bite far more agressivly in COLD WEATHER!!)

10. The production of biofuels has been an unmitigated disaster. We are now burning our food (corn especially) in our motor vehicles. Since corn requires huge amounts of energy intensive fertilizer and since the production of ethanol from corn is very energy intensive, we actually use far more energy producing corn-based ethanol then we gain from burning it. Since each big corn plant produces one or at most two ears of corn, most of the plant is wasted. The corn crop is a two-week crop.

  It is true that sugarcane is much more efficient as an ethanol source, it does not grow to any great extent in the United States except for small areas of Louisiana and Florida. It is not a practical fuel source in this country.

  Palm oil, produced in Indonesia as a source of biofuel has, in fact resulted in the destruction of large areas of tropical forests, and the resulting exposure of peat bogs  has caused Indonesia to now become the third-largest producer of carbon dioxide in the world, exactly the opposite of what the idiots behind the biofuel industry are supposedly trying to prevent.

11. The biggest danger from "Climate Change" are all the resource, job and food destroying attempts to fight this man made myth! Here are the links to the "Great Global Warming Swindle" film. I sincerely hope you watch it, it is well produced and very professional. Banned from the Liberal US Media, you can see it here. I hope you enjoy it. Show this to your kids, especially if they have seen Al Gore's very convenient (For his fat wallet that is) lies!!

   DO YOU THINK ELECTRIC CARS AND HYBRIDS ARE THE ENERGY ANSWER? THINK AGAIN! I drive a Prius, it is a great money saving, reliable car. Would you like to drive a load of hogs, cattle corn, flower or big screen TVs by Prius?!

      What the #%&!! do you think will happen to your food bill when 18 wheel truck drivers are paying $8 a gallon for diesel! Are you as PO'ed as me? Call your congressional leech and tell him what you think! (I do not know why the site is partially Spanish If you are not literate in English, how can you really understand America!)

Contacting the Congress: A Citizen's Congressional Directory


  AL GORE HAS NO LEGITIMATE SCIENCE BACKGROUND! He started out as an English major and switched to journalism. His Bachelor's thesis : "The Impact of Television on the Conduct of the Presidency, 1947-1969"  He next went into Law, the most parasitic profession of all. NOW WATCH THIS WELL MADE AND DOCUMENTED SEVEN PERT MOVIE BELOW. "THE GREAT GLOBAL WARMING SWINDLE" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3IhIUBghPc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wI7A_XUwJxQ&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3diaLd7z08&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRyE9_5Z4dk&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANt4LW1Jl20&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUc8FeV-JJ8&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-LQlLahKd4&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6DnPb11gp8&feature=related

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