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A tale of slander & extortion 

On May, 29, 2011 there was total vindication of my thesis here!

From worst disaster to biggest embarrassment – Washington

As soon as the mass hysteria over the BP Deepwater Horizon drilling rig accident broke out, I knew two things:

1. The so called “environmentalists” would pounce like sharks on a swimmer with a bloody nose.

2. The oil spill, would disappear rapidly in the warm Gulf water. The easily evaporated (volatile) part of the oil would do just that, evaporate. Most ofhe rest would be quickly devoured by oil eating bacteria. Oil has been seeping from there bottom of the Gulf (And elsewhere) for millions of years. Bacteria and other organisms will evolve to take advantage of any available food source – “A Free Lunch” Bacteria work many times faster in 85 degree water than in freezing water, such as with the Exxon Valdez. THAT IS WHY WE USE REFRIGERATORS! Leave a pound of raw meat in the fridge for several days and it will be fine. Leave it on the table for several days in July, and you will have a revolting stench, gooey, slimy mess and several thousand flies, as everything converges on the FREE LUNCH.

   As I expected, the oil spill vanished very rapidly, but the lawyer vultures and drilling ban did not. Of course, BP and its hard working employees, despite heroic efforts to control the spill, were demonized by the Main Stream Media. Worst of all, Barak Hussein Obama extorted a 20 billion dollar slush fund from BP, to be doled out, in many cases, to leeches who suffered no damage. The fish and shrimp were fine, and only a fairly small number of birds were killed -probably far fewer that the annual slaughter taken by all those noisy, ugly inefficient windmills. The Media created a panic, scaring away tourists from beautiful, undamaged beaches and consumers from eating perfectly safe seafood. THAT IS WHERE 90% OF THE DAMAGE WAS FROM! After all, IF IT BLEEDS IT LEADS!  The vicious leftists in the mainstream media thus deliberately caused far more economic ruin than the spill itself! The malicious looping of video of the same oily pelican was just one example. 

    Meanwhile, millions of British pensioners were deprived of their BP dividends, and Obama continues banning nearly all drilling in the Gulf in defiance of court orders (Except of course on the Cuban side of the Florida Straits where China and Russia have been making huge discoveries.) THOUSANDS OF HIGH SKILLED HIGH PAYING JOBS WERE LOST AND OIL DRILLING RIGS WERE TOWED FAR FROM US WATERS. I would really love to see a clear accounting of what is happening to that $20 billion controlled by Obama’s buddies.

    As for the Exxon Valdez disaster, there was supposed to be a pipeline to take the Alaskan oil to the Mid west. The “Environmentalists” blocked its construction and insisted on the use of fragile tankers in stormy, frigid, rocky, fog shrouded Alaskan coastal waters. THEY are really the cause of the Exxon Valdez mess. Using oil tankers in that area is as smart as building nuclear power plants near the beaches in tsunami prone Japan! Both were disasters waiting to happen. In any event, the overwhelming number of oil spills have been from oil TANKERS NOT OIL RIGS! Tankers crashing on a coast will, in any case cause far more damage than spills far off shore. 

   Normal, offshore water drilling has a very good safely record, while ultra- deep water drilling, a newer technology was involved in the BP accident. (It was the Government that has forced the use of fa offshore extreme deep drilling in any cas. I have confidence that BP, one of the worlds largest corporations has learned what went wrong and has experts hard at work to prevent anything like that from happening again. We obviously do not ground the entire air fleet every time a plane crashes. We should have used the same common sense after the Deepwater Horizon accident.

   We need to remember that crude oil is vital and irreplaceable for the foreseeable future for most large scale transportation. I assure you that even hypocrite Al Gore will not be using a battery operated engine or large rubber band to replace the.power source on his private jet as he flits off to the next “Climate Change” conference in Tahiti!


  AL GORE HAS NO LEGITIMATE SCIENCE BACKGROUND! He started out as an English major and switched to journalism. His Bachelor’s thesis : “The Impact of Television on the Conduct of the Presidency, 1947-1969”  He next went into Law, the most parasitic profession of all.


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