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                           “Green” Energy is really Red!



   Windmills are not only noisy and ugly; they are also unreliable and inefficient. When you add the energy used in construction and maintenance,  their “Carbon footprint” is probably higher than that of coal.  Problems:


1.      Rare Earth Metals

  These very  expensive materials, now imported mostly from China, are required for the powerful magnets used in the generation of wind turbine energy. (You find these elements on the top strip of elements at the bottom of the periodic table). Neodymium, gadolinium, and dysprosium are prime ingredients in these magnets.

Periodic table – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


  A big problem is that, since all these rare earths are found together, thorium, a slightly radioactive element is an unwanted hard to dispose of by product. This makes mining and processing an environmental hazard.  (Thorium CAN however be used as fuel source for safe reliable nuclear power but that would totally negate the need for all these hare brained “Green Energy” scams. See bottom of my previous post on that topic. Liberty 2100 with AJay » An Explanation of the Japanese catastrophe & A Safe Practical Alternative


2.     Noise

   Especially on windy days, wind turbines are very noisy and local residents complaints often have required them to be shut down on the very days they generate the most power.  They are also notorious for killing huge numbers of birds.


3.     Maintenance      

  How would you like to climb a 300 foot wind turbine for repair and maintenance?  I bet most of us would prefer working in a local Costco or Wal-Mart even if the pay is far less. I guarantee, the skills required world be far greater than that of changing your oil a t Jiffy Lube! (How about finding a hornets’ nest on top? That would be a nice surprise!  There have been numerous injuries and fatalities linked to this over hyped  dangerous technology.SEE:


Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/db/Vespa_crabro_germana_with_prey_Richard_Bartz_Crop.jpg/220px-Vespa_crabro_germana_with_prey_Richard_Bartz_Crop.jpg


  When I was travelling through Texas and California not long ago, I noted that a large percentage of the wind mills were not functioning.


  Off shore wind Turbines avoid the noise problem BUT all that corrosive salt spray plus even more corrosive bird droppings.  I am sure sea birds would find these ugly towers to be great roosting and nesting areas.  Would you want to be the worker surprising an enraged osprey sitting on her nest after that terrifying 300 or 400 foot climb?!

   How much would the pay for such very skilled and even more brave workers have to be?!

  Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/5e/Osprey_mg_9605.jpg/220px-Osprey_mg_9605.jpg

       Osprey (I Bet she could chomp off your nose faster than Kalid Sheik Mohammad could chop off your head!)


Since wind turbine energy is around 6X as expensive as that from conventional sources, industries force to use this expensive power source would be at a severe competitive disadvantage.  The biggest “Suck” would be all the local jobs fleeing to China India and other places not falling for this and other “Green” boondoggles. 


 Incidentally, Solar Panels rapidly lose efficiency from dust deposits and must be constantly cleaned. They are also VERY energy intensive to produce, ship and install. They also steadily lose their generating capacity per year from exposure the very sunlight they use to produce their very pricey energy.


  The biggest problem is that industry and consumers  require steady reliable energy, not dependant on variable sun and wind conditions.

  Meanwhile, wildly inefficient  federally mandated bio fuels industry is rife with fraud! SEE:



 AGAIN! My answer is still safe Reliable Thorium based power!

Thorium fuel cycle – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


India’s experimental Thorium Fuel Cycle Nuclear Reactor [NDTV Report] – YouTube



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