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When American commanders, notably General Stanley McChrystal demanded

sufficient forces for the same kind of Surge that led to victory in Iraq
(Since sabotaged by Obama’s precipitate end of Vietnam like withdrawal from
that country) Obama dithered for many months and sent fewer than half the
forces requested. He eventually forced out that brilliant general, instead
of our Taliban foes.

Stanley McChrystal

McChrystal to resign if not given resources for
Afghanistan – Threat Matrix

Not only did that result in more US casualties, as sufficient numerical
superiority was not achieved in numerous battles, but it allowed Taliban
terrorists to survive and proper with help from our enemy Pakistan.

Pakistan has for decades interfered in Afghan affairs, aiding and
abetting the worst thugs and malefactors in that afflicted land, most
notoriously, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who, after losing power shelled Kabul,
destroying much of the city and killing tens of thousands of civilians. See:


Gulbuddin Hekmatyar – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


In preparation for 9-11, Al Qaeda organized the murder of America’s best
friend, Ahmad Shah Massoud a man who was as responsible for the destruction
of the Soviet Empire as was Ronald Reagan. We had previously abandoned
Massoud and his struggle for liberty when, short sighted fools in the State
Department and DC hacks no longer felt we needed him. This is an evil thread
in US history. We had previously abandoned Hungarian Freedom Fighters to
Soviet murderers, the Kurdish liberation movement to Hussein’s poison gas
and the people of Cambodia to the Communist Khmer Rouge killing fields among
others. We have paid dearly for these disgraceful acts. Among other
consequences have been the need for a second Gulf War (Colin Powel persuaded
Bush I to betray Kurd and Shia rebels about top topple Saddam Hussein) and
turning Afghanistan, a once very open moderate country (Before the
disastrous Jimmy Carter regime allowed the Soviet Invasion) into the launch
pad for 9-11. Of course, our affirmative action Community Organizer in Chief
(Street Agitator) was too incompetent or ignorant to have learned these
vital historical lessons.



( See Afghanistan
Online: Masood’s Letter To The American People)

Massoud’s chief advisor, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah a brilliant, patriotic and
talented leader in his own right, became the leader of the pro US, anti
Islamist and moderate section of Afghan politics. Dr Abdullah is a highly
educated and charismatic man who probably is the only leader capable of
leading Afghanistan from its present morass.

See: Abdullah Abdullah –
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

During this time, Osama bin Laden was given sanctuary by Pakistan, while
Obama gave that enemy nation Billions of dollars in support.

Instead of enforcing a free and fair election, the Obama regime, with its
failure to bring adequate forces to bear, permitted Hamid Karzai, to steal
the recent presidential poll from legitimate winner, Abdullah Abdullah. The
consequences will be a disaster not only for the people of Afghanistan who
were so vital in overthrowing the Soviet “Evil Empire” bur eventually for
America in particular and Western Civilization in general.


Abdullah Abdullah



Hamid Karzai

Along the way, Karzai continues to protect the Afghan Poppy/ heroin
industry, the world largest.


The Karzai regime is now presiding over a country quickly sliding back into
pro Pakistan, Taliban savagery and terror and increasingly under subversion
by the Pakistani ISI secret police. Most Afghans do not want to live in a
new 7th Century Dark age where women are turned into slaves and children
raised to be Homicide Bombers sent out to spread mayhem and terror
throughout the world. This is not only a moral issue, it is a vital US
security issue as well.

Once again, women and minorities such as the despised Oriental Hazara people


will suffer savage persecution as Pakistan continues to mass produce
massive numbers of nuclear weapons.

The Pakistan Spy organization, the ISI with its ties to the Afghan and
Pakistani Taliban and well as its own nuclear armed military the West could
easily lead to us waking up to a new, far more deadly nuclear 9-11.

Inter-Services Intelligence – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afghanistan

The Taliban especially targeted people of Shia religious or Hazara ethnic
[123] Upon taking Mazar-i-Sharif in 1998, 4,000-6,000 civilians were
killed by the Taliban and many more reported tortured
[125] The documents
also reveal the role of Arab and Pakistani support troops in these killings.
[123] Bin Laden’s so-called 055 Brigade
was responsible for
mass-killings of Afghan civilians.
[126] The report by the UN quotes “eyewitnesses in many villages
describing Arab fighters carrying long knives used for slitting throats and
skinning people”.


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