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The corrupt, incompetent Christina Fernandez Regime’s mismanagement of the Argentine economy is likely to result in financial apocalypse. In a harebrained scheme to prop up the local peso, she has imposed strict currency controls which have caused a run on that overvalued currency. As the crack down on possession of dollars intensifies, an escalating panic and loss of confidence will destroy confidence and cause a death spiral of the peso.

Argentina: Black market grows with currency – Saturday, May 19, 2012 | 8:17 a.m. – Las Vegas Sun


Christina Fernandez

Construction and other industries needing to do business in dollars are being strangled. A local Tax Gestapo trying to cow the population into submission will just cause Argentines to desire dollars more and pesos less. Serious inflation is a likely outcome as no one wants to trade goods and services for an increasingly worthless local currency. The incentive to do business in dollars will just escalate as the financial oppression grows. The response of the tyrant is likely to be incitement of war hysteria to distract an increasingly disaffected population.

Fernandez’ ace in the hole in this untenable, unsustainable situation will be the fraudulent claim to the British Falkland territory.

This small state, lying over 300 miles from Argentina, has been inhabited by mostly by people of British decent for hundreds of years. Since the Bahamas, lies far closer to Florida, does that give the USA the right to invade and occupy that territory?

Over the last several months, while the world is distracted by the crises with Libya, Syria, Iranian nuclear threats, and Obama’s economic fumbling, Fernandez has been pounding the drums of war and her economy founders.

Thirty years ago during a similar economic meltdown, Argentina launched an sudden, unprovoked invasion and occupation of the Falklands. Fortunately Britain could count on the courage and fortitude of “Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher and the backing of the great US President Ronald Reagan.

The situation today, is of course, far different and much more perilous.

Thatcher and Reagan with Spouses





Map of the Falkland Islands

Back in 2007, millions in an illegal campaign contribution scandal involving the Chavez and Kirchner regimes surfaced. The story including a suitcase filled with cash was buried by the Leftist media but the facts are available.

See following excerpt from


Beginning in late August 2007, Antonini Wilson cooperated with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, resulting in the “indictment of four Venezuelans and a Uruguayan”.[6] In December 2007, the St. Petersburg Times reported that, according to prosecutors, “Antonini was delivering the money to the election campaign of Argentine President Cristina Fernandez“, with “Venezuelan and Argentine officials accusing Washington of fabricating a scandal to destabilize left-wing governments in the region.”[24] The Wall Street Journal also reported that: “U.S. prosecutors in Miami announced the arrest of three Venezuelans and a Uruguayan who allegedly schemed to silence Mr. Antonini about the Venezuelan contribution to the Kirchner campaign. An indictment charges the men—and a fifth who is a fugitive—with operating as Venezuelan agents unlawfully, without having notified the U.S. attorney general. In a court hearing, a U.S. attorney said Mr. Antonini is now cooperating with the investigation and wore a wire to record subsequent encounters with the alleged Venezuelan agents, who offered him $2 million in hush money, while also threatening his family if he didn’t keep quiet.
Involvement of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner:

On 13 December 2007 the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested three Venezuelans and one Uruguayan, accusing them of being agents of the Venezuelan government who intended for Antonini to help cover up the scandal over the money that was intended for “a candidate” in the Argentine presidential elections of 2007.[28]

Ominously, the British have eliminated their last aircraft carrier further emboldening Argentina. http://hotair.com/archives/2012/02/15/fumbling-the-falklands/ Another factor of course, is the unreliable Obama regime which has shown contempt for many of our allies.

Recently, Argentina filmed a provocative stunt in the Falklands using the up comining Olypics as an excuse. Falkland Islands claimed as ‘Argentine soil’ in secretly filmed Olympic advert

All of America’s enemies know that with the coming end of the “Hoax and Chains” corrupt and fumbling Obama clique, their window of opportunity for mischief is soon to close.




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