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I am what is commonly called an “Red Diaper Baby” this means the child of American Communists. Interestingly I am simultaneously an “Air Force brat’. Amazingly, my father’s two contradictory lives were never uncovered or he would’ve been in serious trouble. Long before I was born my father who held several engineering degrees actually worked on the Manhattan Project which developed the atomic bombs. During my childhood, growing up on Air Force bases I had little inkling of the double lives my parents were living.


My parents never actually joined the Communist Party, but they were certainly sympathizers, especially my father. My father’s best friend growing up in the Bronx was named Victor Hammer. Victor had an older brother named Armand, who later became extremely famous. He founded Occidental Petroleum and became a great friend of the Soviet Union and was reportedly the chief money-laundering for the Soviets for their funding of the American Communist Party. Armand and Victor’s dad, Julius, actually was the founder of the American Communist Party.


One day, when my father was paying one of his regular sleepover visits to the Hammer residence, he was told I am sorry but, you will have to share the guest bed this weekend. We have an unexpected visitor. My dad asked “who is he?” Oh, a guy from Russia was the answer. Wanting to know about his new sudden acquaintance, he asked for his name. The shocking response was, “Leon Trotsky”


Leon Trotsky, born into a wealthy Jewish family in Russia, was really named Lev Bronstein. He was the cofounder of the Soviet Empire. He was actually the military leader who created it, even though Lenin was the political leader. Without Trotsky 70 years of tyranny torture and mass murder could not have taken place.


A few weeks later, I later learned Trotsky was expelled from the United States as a dangerous foreign agent and enemy. He ended up in Mexico where he was soon assassinated by an agent of Joseph Stalin. After the death of Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin had engaged in a vicious power struggle in which of course, Trotsky was on the losing side. If you read George Orwell’s “animal Farm”, Trotsky is the character of Snowball the pig, and Orwell’s other famous work “1984” Trotsky appears as Emmanuel Goldstein.




(Trotsky’s grave, near Mexico City)


Growing up, nearly all of my parents friends and relatives were actually dedicated Communists. I was sent to a communist sympathizing summer camp when after having lived on Air Force bases for a number of years my family returned to New York. I did not understand at the time what was happening though I did hate the boring evening campfires where we generally began by singing “Kumbaya” the camp itself was one of the most miserable experiences of my life, there were bullying sadistic counselors and totally insufficient food. Of course, the bigger kids would steal from the smaller ones. One day when we had a campout, as we hiked along the trail I saw blueberries which I proceeded to pick and eat. I was ordered to cease this behavior. Having lived in Alaska will blueberries were prevalent, I really love eating them but perhaps the counselor thought that I didn’t know what I was doing. In any event a few hours later as I was lying on my betting looking at the stars, he dropped a smoldering match into my open mouth. I still remember the searing pain. I was too terrified to protest.


Each Christmas, my family attended a different Communist dominated Catskill resort. I had seen a TV documentary on the Hungarian revolution and was horrified by the pictures of mass murder. One night, became involved in a ferocious debate with the other children (I was 11 years old). I actually face down at least 10 other children. I felt very pleased until I noticed that I had a new audience. I became aware that a number of angry adults had gathered behind me.  Judging by the expression on their faces, they were enraged at this “nonbeliever” in their midst who was actually undermining their kid’s Marxist religion.


 The adults informed me that “we will destroy this racist evil capitalist nation” I looked at them incredulously, and said there are only about 30 people in this room how could you possibly destroy the most powerful country in the world? The answer was extremely frightening and unfortunately has proven extremely true.

These vicious and treasonous scoundrels explained their three-part plan

  1. We will seize control of the media both print and broadcast and decide which stories are presented to the American people and which are buried.

2. We will take over all of the educational systems and indoctrinate the future generations. (Remember, former communist George Orwell in his extremely important book 1984 made the following statement “He who controls the present controls the past, he who controls the past controls the future”)

Every American should read this book and give it to their children. You can read a summary here:

1984 by George Orwell. Search eText, Read Online, Study, Discuss.

3. Perhaps the most evil part of this ruinous plot was “we will take over the welfare system and sign up so money recipients that we will bankrupt and destroyed the American capitalist system. An actual organization was formed for that purpose: The National Welfare Rights Organization. When the founder of it drowned in a yachting accident it eventually changed its name to “Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now”. This organization is generally known by its acronym Acorn. The chief counsel of Acorn at one time was Barack Hussein Obama.


  During the rest of that Christmas vacation at the resort, I was followed around and harassed by a number of men. I was actual fearful for my safety. I’m sure that had I spoken like this in the Soviet Union, despite my age, I would’ve suffered violent retribution and even in the Catskills, I was extremely nervous.  There were a number of icy ponds nearby where I easily could have been found floating after an “accident”  The looks on the faces of those men standing behind me was really terrifying.


  My mom informed me that the welfare workers union in New York City was taken over and dominated by Communist Party members decades ago. The effect of this policy was devastating to America at large but especially to the black community. Extra illegitimate children born are rewarded with extra welfare money. If a father was present in the home, benefits were cut. Therefore, a black father became an actual liability and was often told to “get lost” This of course did wonders for the self esteem of Black men.


Boys raised in fatherless home often end up as undisciplined feral youths. Without a father to say “no” it is very hard for a young boy to grow into a responsible and useful citizen. The result has been widespread destruction in the black community and not billions, but rather trillions of dollars in damage to our economy. No amount of welfare handouts can restore shattered families to self-respect and self-reliance. In fact, the leftists dominating the Democratic Party are the worst enemies of the Black Community. Their policies have resulted in drug addiction, gang violence, and more young black men in prison than in college. I was even informed that during the 1960s, Soviet agents were firebombing churches in Harlem In order to foment a race war in the United States.

In my opinion, Communists are no better than Nazis. Nazis wish to slaughter people based on their ethnic background, Communists commit mass murder based on class background. In both cases, the result has been millions of innocent victims butchered because of who they are rather than anything they have done. In fact, Joseph Stalin succeeded in murdering more people than Adolf Hitler.


 Another plank of the communist indoctrination was that the atomic bombs were only dropped on Japan rather than Germany because the Japanese “were of the yellow race” This was drummed into my head during that childhood fight. Of course, the real reason the bomb was not dropped on Germany is that the first bomb was tested on July 15, 1945, the two bombs were dropped on Japan in August 6 and 8. GERMANY HAD SURRENDERED ON MAY EIGHTH OF THAT YEAR. This rubbish is still being peddled by leftists to this day. As far as these communist vermin are concerned if exaggeration is not sufficient, just tell a huge lie.


A constant communist technique is “Selective indignation”. Leftists get into feigned rage when something negative happens to factions or groups they favor. For example, Hezbollah terrorists are launching rockets from civilian areas at Israeli cities and the Israelis hit them with return fire. Several nearby civilians are injured and Main Stream Media leftists and the UN howl in protest.

Meanwhile thousands of Karen minority civilians are slaughtered in Burma without a peep. Likewise during Saddam’s Anfal genocide campaign against Iraq’s Kurds was totally ignored – tens of thousands died. Al-Anfal Campaign –

Al-Anfal Campaign – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



A great example of selective indignation is the reaction to Obama’s hateful church leader of 20 years, Reverend Wright. In case you have forgotten, click on this and think about Obama attending this “Church” with his little girls. Imagine if McCain or Bush had such a religios leader!! Refresh your memory with these links.

YouTube – Jeremiah Wright – Obama’s mentor – Hate speech


YouTube – The shocking video Barack Obama does not want you to see!!






 When I first became aware of Barack Obama when he spoke at the Democratic convention of 2004, a chill went down my spine. My parents had informed me that the Communist Party had told its members to take a spouse of the opposite race. When I saw that Obama had a black father and white mother I was extremely worried. When I found out however that Obama’s mother was not Jewish I was somewhat relieved. The Jewish people have contributed enormously to Western civilization in science literature art music and other fields. Unfortunately the Jews have contributed one horrible evil to our civilization. That evil is Communism. One of the reasons I am so passionate in my hatred of the Communists, is that my mother informed me that at least 50 of my ancestors were incinerated in the Nazi Holocaust. The great prominence of Jews among Communists hugely contributed to the anti-Semitism prevalent in Germany. Jewish Communists in fact protested and undermined Germany’s World War I efforts. They actually broke into hospitals haranguing wounded German soldiers. One of those wounded soldiers was named Adolf Hitler and he vowed vengeance. Unfortunately he soon had the power to do so. Every time I see an obvious communist on television, with a blatantly Jewish name I am filled with rage. They obviously do not care about their fellow Jews and in fact , these Jewish leftists are extremely hostile to the state of Israel. Popular talk show host Michael Savage whose real name is Michael Wiener is, like myself Jewish. He has written an extraordinarily appropriate book titled “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”



When I woke up on the morning of November 5, 2008 with the knowledge that Barack Obama had been elected president of the United States I knew that my childhood nightmare was now to be a reality. I am using the site to in my own small way, to alert my fellow Americans of our current mortal peril.




  I am dedicated to exposing the viciousness and destructiveness of the political left. They are only interested in fomenting hatred and jealousy between classes and races. They are motivated by lust for power and often for financial greed. Many of these leftists are in fact, extremely wealthy. They just want nobody else to become wealthy, they have an enormous sense of entitlement and moral superiority. I find that to be the most loathsome elements of humanity.


Fortunately, I was vigorous enough to completely destroy my parent’s faith in communism after pointing out the incredible crimes that have been committed in the name of that loathsome movement. Both of my parents became enthusiastic supporters of Ronald Reagan and though they are both deceased, I am sure they would be horrified at the administration of Barack Hussein Obama and all of the leftists with which he has insinuated into our government institutions.

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